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Think Your Cricket Betting Is Safe? 7 Advantages In Lucky11!

Online Cricket Strategy
Online Cricket Strategy

Lucky11 is the most trustable place if it comes to cricket betting, with multiple gateways of deposit Lucky11 online casino will be the number 1 choice for betting games! Here are the most important things you should know about gambling on cricket.

To place bets for live cricket matches in Lucky11 players should register and open a game account with Lucky11.

Five Important Cricket Formats

Cricket is not only hugely popular in India but also the second most supported sport globally, after football. Online betting makes it easier for die-hard fans to follow cricket results and support their favorite team or players.Lucky11 guides you through five formats that could better your chances of making a profit from cricket betting online in India.

  • Test Cricket: Players over 5 days test Cricket: Played over 5 days, test cricket is the oldest form of the sport, it offers either team the potential to win or the match could end in a draw

  • One-Day Cricket: Matched played in a single day with 50 overs per team, hugely popular since the 1970s

  • Five-Day Cricket: Test matches played across five days between international sides

  • Fifty-Over Matches: Mostly part of multi-team tournaments or a series played between international sides

  • Twenty-Overs: Global spectacular involving international main club tournaments. T-20 is the format that is used to play in IPL - Indian Premier League.

Besides IPL betting, Lucky11 is also providing bets for Major ODI Tournaments and International Tests Cricket matches such as,


  • ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

  • ICC World Test Championship

August 2019 marks the start of the ICC World Test Championship, which is a league for test cricket. West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, New Zealand, India, England, Bangladesh, and Australia are the nine participating teams.

Lucky 11 provides great betting odds which can profit the better in a huge sum.

The advantages of the Lucky11 cricket betting app are as follows;

  • trustable and old bookmarker.

  • variety of match odd and profitable match odd.

  • easy deposit and fast withdrawal methods.

  • user-friendly and easy-to-understand betting odds.

  • 24/7 online customer service support.

  • accepts INR for betting.

  • live stream all live matches in the Lucky11 app.


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