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Lucky11| How to Win 【Dragon Tiger Game in Online Casinos】by Using These 8 Tips and Strategy!

Lucky11 Betting Games
Lucky11 Betting Games

Dragon Tiger is a game that combines Baccarat as well as Casino War. Each square Dragon Tiger will be split into 2 cards, making the game extremely simple for the majority of players. The game was created in Cambodia and has since gained popularity in the online gambling market.

The game is simple to win, but with the following eight tips, your chances of success are greatly increased. Let us now follow it on Lucky11!

1. Only bet on Dragon Tiger

Only wager on the Dragon and Tiger places, that have an equal win rate of 50 – 50 and will bring you bonuses. If you insist on making a bet on the Tie to try your luck at winning big bonuses, you will face lots of risk.

2. Do Not Make A Bet On A Tie

The Tie has a very payout odds: 1 win 8 times. It does, however, come with a number of risks, including a house edge of up to 32.77 percent. As a result, few players have won when betting on the Tie. There are 86,320 card combinations in total, with only 6488 of them having the ability to draw. So you'll lose the remaining 79,872 times. Only 1456 plays have ever been won, according to statistics.

3. Counting Cards that correspond to the Dragon Tiger

As there aren't many cards in this game, the player could really count the cards dealt, especially if they're a pair of 7, because if there are cards 7, you will lose.

4. Look at the image and guess the outcome

If you are observant, agile, and capable of noticing, you will undoubtedly see the dealer's rules in order to win. As a result, when playing, you should consider the dealer's dealing method in order to predict the outcome of subsequent games. Then, based on the outcome, start deciding which side to wager on.

5. Limit the number of betting strategies that can be combined with one another

Many players believe that combining various wagering techniques in the game Dragon Tiger is a great strategy for winning more easily. However, because this method has never been tested by a player, it is best not to overthink it if you intend to use this betting strategy.

6. Examine The Dealer's Dealing Cards

When you first begin playing a Dragon Tiger game, don't rush into betting without first analyzing and developing a specific strategy. What the player must do is monitor the dealer dealing the cards and learn the rules.

Remember to keep track of the outcomes of each match so that you really can make an informed wager in the next game. Make bets once you've managed to figure out the game's guidelines as well as your own style of play. One thing is certain: your win rate will increase than when you have no information.

7. Start To Notice And Guess The Outcomes

Typically, the Dragon Tiger outcome will reappear in a series. That is, sometimes it is a Dragon result, and sometimes a Tiger result. The player must observe in order to capture the sequence of outcomes, as well as understand the rules and timing of the consecutive in order to place a reasonable bet. Once the player has discovered the start of the sequence, you will win the award in many consecutive games that are not small!

8. Choose a Reputed and reliable Dealer to Play With

The majority of Dragon Tiger players play for fun in their spare time. So, choose the most prestige house edge for yourself to put your trust in, and your leisure time will become the most complete.

Often, reputable house edges will have sufficient data for gamers about the rules or how to pay or deposit. All information is clear and unambiguous. Remember that these items you select for yourself are a reputable house edge to participate in the Dragon Tiger game.

The Dragon and Tiger game has little strategy. Many players, however, bet alongside the previous winner, hoping to catch a streak of hands.


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