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Lucky11| A Comprehensive Guide to Identity Verification in Online Gambling!

Lucky11 Online Gambling
Lucky11 Online Gambling

Online casinos are more popular. While the gambling website industry is becoming more regulated every year, it has grown so big that it is difficult for gaming authorities to keep track of everything in real-time.

Therefore, the verification mechanism is one of the most effective ways to protect players from multiple frauds and problems when betting online. So, how will it work and why is it so important? Read the guide to ID verification shared by Lucky11 Best Indian Casinos!

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  1. What Is The Importance Of Identity Verification For Online Casinos?

  2. What Does Online Identity Management Mean?

  3. How Does Identity Verification In Online Casinos Work?

What Is The Importance Of Identity Verification For Online Casinos?

Identity verification is frequently viewed by players as an inconvenient additional step in the betting procedure that only slows their experience. While this is true in some ways, identity management serves a couple of important purposes for online gambling operators.

Here are some of the reasons why identity management is so important in online casinos:

  • Prevents Money Laundering- Back in the day, casino games have been the appropriate setting for laundering money. Players could simply deposit and withdraw money, trying to make their cash appear clean and legal. Fortunately, modern regulations successfully prevent this, owing primarily to verification requirements.

  • Defends Against Fraud- Identity verification also assists online casinos in protecting themselves from fraudsters who attempt to open betting accounts utilizing accused of stealing billing credentials. It also prevents players from opening dozens of accounts with the casino, which would allow bonus abuse.

  • Underage Gambling is Prevented- It is a very efficient tool to prevent underage gambling. Underage gamblers are barred from having to register accounts and trying to play for actual cash since each player should confirm their age with such a valid ID.

What Does Online Identity Management Mean?

If you've ever signed up for an online casino, you've probably encountered a safety and identity safeguard feature known as KYC (Know Your Customer). Because you're having shared detailed information about your individuality, this is largely identification verifiable proof in a wider sense.

To keep things as simple as possible, we'll treat KYC and proof of identity as interchangeable terms in this context. You must provide the online casino with several recognizable details when having completed the KYC process. These could include, but are not limited to:

  • Identity Information - Trying to send the casino site a file proving your individuality, age, address, and other identifying details that prove you are a normal human and not using somebody else's data is part of the process. This is typically accomplished by presenting a valid ID, passport, or another government-issued document.

  • Payment Method Verification - After you've verified your personal information, you'll need to show that you own the payment system users want to use. The simplest method is to use financial statements, but it also varies depending on the payment options users prefer.

  • Source of Funds - These documents safeguard the casino from money laundering attempts. They could be demanded or not. You must provide financial statements, dividend income, pension benefits, or other evidence of income to prove your funding source.

Remember that if you intend to play in multiple online casinos, users will need to complete various KYC verifications. In a casino, users must anticipate going through the KYC process at least once, if not multiple times.

Furthermore, while some online casinos do not necessitate KYC when making a deposit, the majority do when making a withdrawal.

How Does Identity Verification In Online Casinos Work?

Simply put, identity validation is the process of attempting to prove that you are who you say you are. When you use the assets we mentioned above to confirm your identity, users can play and have fun realizing you will not need any troubles just on the system when trying to finish financial transactions.

In terms of how it works, often these online betting sites help to assure your identity in your profile's documents upload/verification segment. You can easily upload the necessary files and see if they have been authorized or declined. Depending on how busy the casino is, it could take anything between 24 to 72 hours to confirm your identity.

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