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What Are The Betting Tips For Lucky11 Online Sic Bo?

Best Sic Bo Strategy
Best Sic Bo Strategy

Lucky11 casino game - online sic bo is a classic type of gambling in which three dice are thrown to match size. The game consists of the dealer shaking three dice in a container with a lid, which is opened and paid out after the player bets.

The simple game of sic bo also has winning betting tips, so please master the following sic bo strategies before playing to increase your advantage at online casino sites.

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  1. What Are The Ways To Play Sic Bo?

  2. Double Sic Bo Betting Method!

  3. Join The Sic Bo Risk Management Method!

  4. Try Sic Bo Not To Buy Size, Only Buy Points!

What Are The Ways To Play Sic Bo?

Sic Bo-Since most gamblers bet on the sum of the dice, it is also known as "match size". In addition to size, players can also bet on single points, point totals, combinations of two numbers, and craps, each with different sic bo odds. Since the house has too much of an advantage in other games, only size and single points are worth playing.

Double Sic Bo Betting Method!

The first thing you need to do is to choose whether you want to bet on the size of craps or the number of dice, and then don't change it. The first time you place the minimum amount of ₹100, if you lose, then double the bet (₹200), then lose again, then continue to double (₹400), and so on until you win. And then start the cycle again from ₹100, of course, your money must not be enough to let you lose infinitely, if you lose too many rounds (more than 6 rounds), it is recommended to play again another day!

Join The Sic Bo Risk Management Method!

In the game of sic bo from the above tips, we know that players cannot have unlimited betting capital, so you can set your conditions before placing your first bet. For example, you can choose to bet big 4 times in a row, then start betting small on the 5th time, and then double the bet, so that you can correct the chance of not winning the first 7 times.

Try Sic Bo Not To Buy Size, Only Buy Points!

The number of points is recommended for craps because the size of craps will meet the craps pass, which is 6 combinations (111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666)/215. Although there is a 1 chance of 91/216, there is also a lot of chance to buy two to pay double, then your profit will be a lot more than betting on the size of the straight bet. If you buy 1 point, but 11 times in a row (all the numbers on the board) there is no 1 point, this is almost impossible to happen, and I believe the casino will not scare players away with this trick!

The players read the above craps tips, and is not immediately want to start gambling games? Lucky11 online casino has prepared the best craps betting for you, 24/7 support withdrawal and deposit, Lucky11 register immediately to play sic bo games!


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